What You Should Know About Radiator Cooling Fans


You probably know that the radiator in your car cools your car’s engine. It does this by allowing outside air to flow through the radiator core thus cooling the fluid circulating inside. The problem is that cars aren’t always moving so years ago engineers designed special fans to physically pull outside air through the radiator. This is an especially important process when a car is running yet standing still -picture getting stuck in a traffic jam.

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Five Great Car Movies

America is a country obsessed with cars. Over the last century, the cars have had a profound effect on not only our livelihoods, but where we live and even the infra-structure of our nation. With a society that is so car-centric, its little surprise that they play prominent roles in the arts too; In particular, motion pictures. As you probably know, there are a lot of “car movies.” Probably in the thousands if you count independent and foreign films. In this article, we will look at a few iconic ones.

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Understanding Your Car’s AC System

Air conditioning (AC) systems are pretty simple. You turn them on, cold air blows out and soon the inside of your hot car is nice and comfortable. It’s almost magic but ever wonder how this all works? Exactly how do you make “cold air” anyway?

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What You Should Know About Engine Vacuum Leaks


It doesn’t happen often in newer cars but all cars can develop “vacuum leaks.” It’s a situation where a hose or engine gasket has failed and outside air gets pulled into the engine while its running. This can create all sorts of problems, some of them being significant but most just leading to poor engine performance. In general, fixing a vacuum leak is something that you leave to your mechanic but they are worth learning about. You never know when a mechanic is going to say to you, “you’ve got a vacuum leak that I have to find.”

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Challenges with Going Green


Going green isn’t always easy, particularly for some folks at the lower end of the economic spectrum. This is a challenge all green activists must confront.

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