A system for reducing food waste


The amount of food wasted is staggering. Just consider how much good food is thrown away at places like restaurants, arenas, banquet halls, etc. Much of this food is high quality food, but invariably there will be more food cooked than is needed. And then it’s generally thrown away.

This article explains how a chef in Montreal has been attacking this problem, and now his process is starting to be adopted in more cities.

Here’s an important part of the process:

La Tablée des Chefs has developed a simple and sustainable process that sets a new standard for salvaging food in the hotel and restaurant industry. Here’s how the system works: Hotels, restaurants and institutions that want to donate their surplus food — on an impromptu or recurring basis — contact La Tablée. Together they figure out how much food they have to give, who will wrap it up and put it away at the end of the day, whether it needs refrigeration, when it can be picked up and where, how many people it will feed. The organization making the donation must agree to adhere to strict hygiene standards. (Not to donate food that has been left at room temperature for more than two hours, for example.)

On the other end, La Tablée fields requests from charitable organizations, both large and small, that are looking for food to supplement their programs. They are the ones who will be responsible for picking up the food and for ensuring that the “cold chain” is maintained. This means refrigerated products remain refrigerated and frozen products remain frozen at all times. They must pledge to serve the donated food, free-of-charge, in a timely fashion.

Read the entire article as it’s very informative, and then check out the organization website for more information.


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