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Podcasts offer a great way to stay current on issues and learn new things. Whether you’re driving, working out or just relaxing, you can try various types of podcasts to see what matches your interests.

If you care about a greener future, then check out these 14 green podcasts recommended by


Miami’s serious water problems include drinking water


Miami’s coastline is beautiful, but the water surrounding this tropical paradise is becoming more of a problem with each passing year. Most of us are familiar with the issues of global warming and rising seas levels. Even the climate change deniers can’t ignore the periodic flooding on the streets of Miami Beach. But the problems facing Miami run much deeper as explained by this article, as the drinking water for South Florida is also at risk.


Bluetooth vs AUX inputs in Your Car


Listening to music in your car used to be a pretty simple proposition. For the good part of a century, you had two choices of audio to listen to: the first was AM radio stations and the second was FM radio stations. That was it. Then the march of technological progress delivered us various prerecorded audio formats such as eight track tapes, cassettes and CDs. Today we still have AM-FM radio, of course, but prerecorded audio is generally enjoyed by capturing it via wireless Bluetooth connections or by wired AUX input ports. The question is: Which is the best way to listen to audio in your car? The sales staff at Kims Chevrolet of Laurel, a local Chevrolet dealer in Laurel, MS, say they get asked this all the time by prospective buyers. Let’s take a look.

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Why Isn’t My USB Port Charging My Phone?


You know what’s annoying? When you plug your smartphone into your car’s USB port and it doesn’t charge. Has this happened to you? Kims No Bull of Laurel, MS, a local Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet dealer sells a lot of cars so they hear about this often. Well, here’s the reason why: not all car USB ports are designed to charge phones, or even power any peripheral devices at all. They are simply there to transfer data to the car’s infotainment system, not to charge anything.

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How Automatic Braking Systems Work

Automatic braking systems combine sensors, brake controls and processing units to help prevent high-speed collisions. Some automatic braking systems apply the brakes for you so collisions are prevented but most are designed to simply reduce the speed of a vehicle before a collision can occur.

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