GOP offers ridiculous response to Green New Deal

There’s plenty to debate regarding the Green New Deal, including the botched roll-out and its lack of specificity.

But the response from the GOP, particularly in the Senate, has been embarrassing.

The Republicans have never taken climate change seriously, and most Senators in the GOP just wanted to try to score political points leading up to a vote on the Green New Deal orchestrated by Mitch McConnell as a political stunt.

But it backfired, as the GOP Senators came across as clueless buffoons trying to stop progress. Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) stole the show with a ridiculous floor speech talking about dinosaurs and having more babies.

The general outline of a Green New Deal as proposed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has many flaws, but the GOP’s response has been to demonize AOC as opposed to offering any real counter-proposals.


Nancy Pelosi is lukewarm on the “Green Dream”

The rocky roll-out of the Green New Deal has made some Democrats less enthusiastic. Nancy Pelosi called the broad proposal a “Green Dream,” which seems like a fair name given the Utopian nature of the proposal.

While the roll-out may have been problematic, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez handled Speaker Pelosi’s comments well as you can see in the video above. This is where Ocasio-Cortez shines, as she has excellent political instincts. She avoided any controversy and embraced the “dream” language.

The specifics, however, are another matter. If you argue that climate is a life or death issue, it seems strange to include every other progressive wish-list item in a proposal that will already scare off many centrists and conservatives. Also, broad goals aren’t enough. Ocasio-Cortez and her allies need to start rolling out specifics.


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