How to Drive and Go Green at the Same Time


A lot of people still associate driving with damaging the environment. Although cars still produce a relatively high amount of CO2 gas and other substances that can ruin the environment, they have become more eco-friendly. In fact, there are ways you can drive and go green at the same time. We’re going to take a closer look at some of those ways in this article.

Switch to a Hybrid or an Electric

One of the easiest ways to still drive while going green is by switching to a hybrid or an electric car. A few years ago, this meant sacrificing a few things you might enjoy as a driver, such as comfort or speed. Today, however, electric and hybrid cars are so much more advanced than you think.

The latest electric car from Tesla, the Tesla P100D, is now the fastest accelerating production car in the world, able to go from 0-60 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds. The top speed of today’s best electric cars is also much improved, with some of them capable of reaching more than 155 miles per hour.

The same can be said for hybrids. The second-generation Toyota Prius has a more efficient hybrid system that is just as capable as the petrol engines from Toyota and other manufacturers. City cars – even the non-hybrid ones – are using smaller, more efficient engines with great energy usage too.

Share Rides

Another great way to still enjoy the convenience of driving without spending a lot of money or damaging the environment is by carpooling or sharing the rides. There are plenty of resources and apps that can help you find rides or share the one you’re having with others. Instead of having just one passenger in the car, you can invite other passengers to join you.

Websites such as offer access and resources that will help you get started, both as a driver looking for passengers or as a passenger wanting to find rides available to different places. There are sites that specialise in carpooling and apps to help you find rides from anywhere in the country.

Change the Way You Drive

It is also important to note that the way you drive matters as much as the car you’re driving. By driving more defensively, you can actually increase your car’s miles-per-gallon ratio and be eco-friendlier. Being gentler with the accelerator, for instance, can up your mpg ratio by as much as 15%.

The same can be said for breaking. When you break, you basically turn fuel into heat (and sometimes noise) and nothing else. Instead of breaking, you can practice anticipating the road and cars ahead of you. Use engine breaking and learn to utilise the technology available to you – such as regenerative breaking in certain hybrid or electric cars – to your advantage.

Driving doesn’t always mean damaging the environment. With the tips we just discussed in this article, you will have no trouble at all going to places and driving your own car while going green at the same time.


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