The Evolution of “Pumping Gas”


Believe it or not, it used to be illegal to pump your own gas into your car. This was because of fire laws. Most of the states had fire laws that prohibited “untrained personnel” from dispensing flammable fluids. This, of course, meant gasoline being dispensed at gas stations. Here’s the story.

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The Buick Super

The Super was a car that Buick launched in 1940. Like its Cadillac, Pontiac and Oldsmobile counterparts, the Buick Super was built on the General Motors C-body platform. The C-body platform was General Motors newest large sedan chassis that was designed to be longer, wider and lower to the ground than previous generations. It had an aggressive looking stance that provided more interior room while at the same time improving aerodynamics and styling.

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On ordinary cars, do spoilers really work?

On standard cars, spoilers are those curved shaped things that usually swoop up from the rear of the car. Generally they are plastic or fiberglass and are affixed to the rear trunk lid. On race cars, they are much more elaborate. They might be huge affairs that rise up way off the car and on F1 Indy cars, they embellish just about every surface and just about touch the ground.

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Are “Plug-In Hybrids” the Next Logical Step?


Introduced over 10 years ago, hybrids are cars that utilize both gas motors and electric motors for propulsion. On a hybrid, the gas motor is powered by gasoline, of course, and the electric motor is powered by a bank of batteries. Engineers have designed them so these two different power plants work together to deliver high efficiency and great gas mileage. The Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight are two popular examples of the hybrid category.

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About Solar-Powered Cars


Pure solar vehicles are being developed. A pure solar vehicle is an electric vehicle powered completely by energy from the sun. The way it works is that the cars convert the sun’s energy into electricity using Photovoltaic Panels (PVCs) which then fuel the battery to run the car’s motor.

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