3 Ways to Go Green without Even Trying

Do you sigh when you think about all of the lifestyle changes that you would need to make in order to truly go green? There’s no reason to fret, though. In fact, these three ways to go green without even trying will make the world a better place without even forcing you to make huge changes in your lifestyle. That’s something worth exploring.

Reduce Your Office’s Paper Use

Offices can waste a lot of paper. All of those receipts, faxes, and printouts eventually have to go somewhere. Even when you take care to recycle your office’s paper waste, you still place a burden on the environment. It does, after all, take a lot of energy to recycle that paper.

You can reduce your office’s impact on the environment by using the new MetroFax mobile app. This app lets you receive faxes on your mobile phone. That means you don’t have to print out the fax to read it. The app is even more convenient than printing faxes because it allows you to search the last 200 documents that you received.

Make Walking Easier Than Driving

Motor vehicles often seem too tempting to avoid. The tendency is to hop in your car for every errand, even if you’re just going down the street to pick up lunch for your colleagues.
The PedNav app appeals to the lazy part of every person by providing the most time efficient way to get from point A to point B without using your car. When you make walking easier by finding the best route, you could find that the car becomes an unnecessary burden, especially when you consider all of the time that you spend looking for parking spots and sitting at red lights.

Find the Greenest Route for Your Vehicle

Motor vehicles spew a lot of carbon into the air. Reducing the amount that you drive could simultaneously reduce your carbon footprint. The truth, however, gets a little more complicated than choosing the shortest route. You have to consider traffic congestion, speed limits, and other factors to choose the greenest route for your vehicle.

Ecorio does all of that for you. This smart phone app uses GPS technology to keep track of how much carbon your vehicle emits. It does more than just make you feel guilty, though. You can also use Ecorio to find routes that will result in decreased carbon emissions. You don’t have to do anything but ask the app to tell you the best route to take. You can even keep track of your daily habits to make long-lasting changes in behaviors that might harm the environment.

These three apps represent some of the latest technologies that can help you go green without even trying. Sure, you could stop using the fax machine or give up your car, but you don’t have to become an extremist to make positive changes in the world. What are some of ways that you have gone green without doing much more than lifting a finger and touching your smart phone?


5 Alternative Energy Methods to Save the Planet

Wind Power.

How do we know that sustainable energy, also known as alternative energy, is necessary? It’s right there in the description – it’s endlessly available. Fossil fuels, and any fuels provided by a process that takes a very long time, are finite. That means they will run out.

Long before anyone pumps the last gallon of oil-based power, humans need to find, and implement, energy that will outlast the species. Perhaps in the long distant future, people will utilize a method of power production that has not yet been discovered.

In the meantime, several options for sustainable energy already exist; like those provided by www.texaselectricityproviders.com. As a bonus, most options emit less pollution during their usable lifespan than present power generation methods. Following is a smattering of what is available today.

1. Wind power

Harnessing the strength of the wind is something that’s been done for centuries. The concept has been enlarged in the modern era to the point that entire tracts of land are used to hold vast fields of enormous windmills.

These are visible from roads across the country, and many proposals have been put forth to locate even larger wind farms in ocean waters. Many power companies offer a wind subsidy option, whereby people merely pay a bit extra to offset the higher cost of wind power.
But that’s large scale stuff. Did you know that you can purchase, install, and benefit from a ‘personal sized’ windmill also? These mini-mills easily compliment an environmentally friendly home, harnessing the wind’s energy when appropriate.

2. Solar Power

Solar has been viewed for generations almost as poorly as a proverbial black sheep. That has been due in large part to its low power output compared to its cost. In an age of cheap electricity and power, people frown upon anything that costs extra. But solar is poised for a major comeback in coming years.

With per watt prices dropping at the same time that conventional power prices are wobbling, but generally increasing, the two will intersect at price equilibrium in the near future. In the meantime, it’s easy to start building a private solar array by building the battery storage infrastructure and wiring.

The genius of a panel display is that it can be begun with just one panel and expanded as funds become available. This ensures participation in future panel price drops, too. Solar may come with a high cost, but it’s not difficult to participate in future price decreases. In fact, as power consuming children are added to a household, it’s easy to expand a solar power system.  Read the rest of this entry »


4 Ways to keep your house clean the green way

It used to be if you wanted your home to be clean and free of germs you had to resort to exposing yourself and others to harmful chemicals and toxins. The products used to kill those germs and clean your house were not only dangerous to yourself but to the environment. Luckily, thanks to the green movement people are saying good-bye to harmful cleaning products and cleaning their homes in a cleaner, greener way.

Everyone has to start somewhere when it comes to learning house cleaning using the green method. To start cleaning the green way, here are some suggestions that will help get you started.

Avoid Harmful Toxins and Chemicals

Cleaning products can be very misleading when it comes to how they are labeled. Just because it says it is natural or environmentally safe does not mean that the ingredients inside are actually natural or safe to use.

If you wish to clean your house using the green method, you will want to keep an eye on the ingredients inside your cleaning products. Look for ingredients like grain alcohol or plant oils as these are natural cleaning solutions. If you are unable to find products of this nature consider making your own cleaning products at home so you are 100% certain your cleaning products are safe and environmentally friendly.

Stop Water Waste From Happening

Reducing your water consumption is one of the easiest ways to go green while cleaning. Try to change your habits while cleaning. Instead of leaving the water running while doing the dishes or cleaning the cupboard, shut it off and save the water. When you are washing floors and other areas, try to use as much water as possible before you change the dirty water to clean water. When you’re done with the dirty water, use it for watering the plants outside.

Go High-Tech Green Cleaning

The use of ultraviolet light as a cleaning solution has become extremely popular over the years. The UV light has the cleaning power of bleach but is considered environmentally safe and non-toxic to yourself and your family. UV lights can be used to clean almost any surface in your house from kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Reuse Your Cleaning Products

Going green isn’t just about what types of chemicals and toxins you are exposed to. It can also be about how much waste you produce while cleaning. To avoid environmental waste, try converting to cleaning products that allow you to reuse the packages and products or even using cleaning products in ways that they aren’t necessarily meant for. These products can include cleaning products that let you refill bottles after use and sponges that can be rinsed and reused multiple times. While you will eventually have to replace these items, the ability to reuse them numerous times before replacement will help you reduce your environmental waste.

Going green is a lifestyle change and by implementing some of these green home cleaning tips you will be taking that all important first step to change! How do you clean the green way?


Is U.S. Government Heading For A Shutdown?

It’s not exactly what anybody wants and it’s not the ideal situation for the American people, but it is looking more and more like there will be a government shutdown in the United States of America.

Online wagering fans have been betting back and forth over the last couple of weeks while keeping a close eye on the situation, but as of now, it looks like the two main parties of government can’t come to an agreement on the budget and there will be a shutdown.

Leaders in both Chambers of Congress spent the last few hours pointing fingers and trying to win a public relations battle rather than trying to settle the situation.

And with both sides offer different versions of the story, it’s unclear what is exactly happening amidst the talks.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid suggests that the problem stems around ideology and claims that both sides have actually made plenty of progress as far as the actual budget is concerned. The Republicans, on the other hand, suggest that this is solely based around the numbers and they are trying their best to cut down the American debt, which is currently at $14 trillion.

In the mean time, it doesn’t look like a short term bill will be an option. President Obama has vowed to veto any such temporary solution, calling it a distraction from a long-term solution, which is obviously what is really needed to remedy this mess.

As it stands now, the government shutdown will begin at midnight Saturday – that is unless the two sides can agree on a budget for the rest of the year.

Stay tuned as the we are going to find out more about this situation very shortly. Hopefully cooler heads prevail but as of right now, it looks like both sides are too far apart to prevent a shutdown.


Everyday Green – Little Changes Make a Difference

Conserve water. Turn off faucets when you brush teeth, lather up, or shave. It’ll save gallons per year. That’s money in your wallet. Leaky taps? Call a plumber. Replacing a washer may not be the long-range fix. Have your home’s water pressure tested. Chances are it’s high. Excessive pressure breaks down the material washers are made of. Install a pressure regulator. If you can’t afford a plumber, collect the water in a bowl or a pan. Use it to flush your toilet, (pour in the bowl, and gravity does the rest!) or water a plant.

Save fuel. Next time you’re at the drive-thru window, turn off your engine. You’re wasting fuel and sending toxins into the air. Conserve miles by pairing with friends to run errands. Make a list of places you need to go, then plan a route to avoid retracing steps. Go online to browse the sales first. You’ll save time, gas, and stress. Order consumer services like auto insurance and car repairs online, too. You’ll save money, and reclaim the time you’d otherwise spend chasing bargains.

Screaming hot water might be appropriate if you’re fighting a stain on white cotton, but it isn’t good for your skin. It strips away precious oils your skin needs to stay young and supple, especially in winter. Lower your water heater’s temperature a tad, save money and take years off your complexion. Meanwhile, keep an eye on that old tank. Watch for leaking, irregular water temperatures, rusty bathwater, or persistent knocking; all signs that could mean your dinosaur is ready for the bone yard. If you’re in the home of your dreams, you might consider a tank-less replacement. They’re pricey, but the green years you’ll spend in the home and the money you’ll save might be worth the expense.


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