Denmark’s Bold Plan to Eliminate Fossil Fuels


While many countries, including the United States, have been talking about reducing their dependency on fossil fuels for a long time, Denmark has set the goal -and a date- for actually doing it. According to, the official website of Denmark, the Scandinavian nation has announced the most comprehensive renewable energy goal on Earth. Denmark plans to stop using all fossil fuels (oil, gas or coal-based) for transportation and general energy production by the year 2050.

Skeptics may point out that this is just an announcement and may be nothing more than some wishful thinking, a valid point until you know the facts -Denmark is already well on its way. Thanks chiefly to a large, decades long investment in wind power, the country makes a full 40 percent of its energy from renewable energy sources. And by 2020 they are right on track to hit 50%. That’s one half of all its energy needs!

There are some challenges, though. With much of its energy coming from wind power, the concept of energy storage becomes important. During windless spells, where does the power come from? Where is it stored? Well, currently it isn’t. The wind power is “backed up” by fossil fuel generation. In Denmark’s all-renewable future, energy storage is thus a major issue.
Another not so obvious issue is that the many cheaper renewable energy sources now operating in Denmark have already started to economically affect the nation’s fossil fuel energy plants. Basically, most of the renewable sources are cheaper to maintain than the fossil fuel plants and, right now, both types are necessary to have.

Luckily for Denmark, the country has good neighbors, though. Currently, there is a robust linkage with neighboring Sweden and their nuclear infrastructure, and Norway with its considerable hydroelectric power. This helps stabilize the energy needs of the whole region.

Lest we get too critical about Denmark’s ambitious energy plan, let’s give them kudos for confronting the challenges that any country would face during an attempt to phase out fossil fuels. They have achieved a great deal already and are working hard to continue towards full energy independence.

Article Source: Holt Fiat of Ft. Worth, TX


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