TightVNC VS Manual Walkthrough

Are you a tech assistant? Do you have family members who are the opposite of adept at computers? There are programs that can help to take care of any issues that arise where your assistance may be needed. However, no one expects you to hop on a plane and rush a thousand miles across the country to fix Grandma’s PC issues. That is why there is TightVNC.

With a simple, and free open source download, you will be able to view and control whatever is on the PC including programs like Openoffice, Ares, and VLC media player. And the problem with Grandma’s computer is just a drop in the basket of what this program can do for any small business around the globe.

Tech Help

Do you run an IT department? No better and more simple way to gain access to your clients computers than to have them download the client and allow your professionals to delve into the problem, and correct it. Just as if they were sitting in front of that distant PC themselves.

Customer Service

Is a consumer having trouble navigating your site? Offering remote assistance can help them get what they need and when they need it. The 20-somethings are not the only ones who want to take advantage of online bargains these days. Helping those who may not be as familiar with site navigation can increase your sales and ratings in customer support.


Do you outsource your CRM database management regularly? No better way to train the employees then with TightVNC set up so that you can show them the exact commands needed to swiftly and correctly manage your systems.

Security Monitoring

Worried your teens may be planning a party while you are out of town? Set up your own computer to receive commands via TightVNC’s client. Hook up a webcam, and use your remote computer to activate your home computers webcam and recording abilities.

Handbrake for Less Headache

If you have come to the formal decision that it is time to choose the right software for editing and playing videos, you may want to be sure you have researched enough to make an informed decision for the best deal you can find available. Many software programs can vary immensely. Depending on the functions you plan to perform with it, or whether or not you prefer a brand name product. Regardless, to most people, quality means everything. If something cost more but is more durable, flexible, and more aesthetic, it will likely win with those who do not know exactly what they should be able to expect in a video editor.

No worries with Handbrake, it is multiplatform and ready to take on the file formats of any extension you have. Handbrake seems to have taken all of the headache about whether or not this long awaited video is going to play smoothly, or require you to spend a few hours investigating, downloading, and installing the proper codec.

The user interface on Handbrake may not be the most impressive, but once you get into using it regularly, and never have the need to hunt and peck for rare and unusual codecs you will at once see the huge value in it.

The absolute craziest part of it, is that it is entirely free to use. Always. This program can be used to edit just about any streaming video. Need to cut out background noise from a training presentation? Handbrake will do it with ease.

Once a user gets used to the features and configurations of Handbrake, it won’t be too long before they too, are a Handbrake expert. Grab your free copy of Handbrake today.

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