Government incentives for green energy

President Barack Obama tours the ZBB Energy Corporation with CEO and President Eric Apfelbach and Edward Zanger in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin today in order to tout the government’s incentives to promote green energy in the stimulus bill.

President Barack Obama said government incentives to expand clean-energy industries will help restore jobs, citing a battery maker in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, where he is highlighting the impact of the economic stimulus.

Obama used the example of ZBB Energy Corp., which is using a $1.3 million loan from the legislation to keep 12 workers on staff and eventually hire 80 more as it expands production.

“We expect our commitment to clean energy to lead to more than 800,000 jobs by 2012,” Obama said after a tour of the ZBB factory. “And that’s not just creating work in the short term; that’s going to help lay the foundation for lasting economic growth.”

It’s terribly disappointing that we have not been able to pass a comprehensive energy policy, as Republicans and coal-state Senators block progress.


BP Attempts Static Kill To Permanently Plug Damaged Oil Well

The news is good so far in the Gulf . . . . finally!

BP began plugging the damaged oil well today with a “static kill” by pumping mud into it. Early reports are encouraging.

Retired Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen said Wednesday he has “high confidence” that no more oil will leak from BP’s Gulf of Mexico well, hours after BP announced that the well had reached “static condition” after pumping heavy drilling mud into it.

BP called the outcome a “significant milestone” in its efforts to permanently seal the well.

The energy giant began the “static kill” procedure at 4 p.m. ET Tuesday and workers stopped pumping mud in after about eight hours after the effort achieved its “desired outcome.”

Let’s hope we’ve seen the end of this nightmare.


Smokeless Cigarettes are the Wave of the Future

After being bombarded by countless anti-smoking campaign commercials, most people probably get the picture that smoking can be hazardous for your health. The news isn’t good for those people that continue to inhale the smoke, tar and other damaging things that cigarettes have to offer.

Countless schools across the United States have banded together to spread their message that smoking isn’t cool. Restaurants and nightclubs across the nation have banned the smoking of cigarettes within their facilities, as the news for those that smoke continues to worsen.

With the healthy segment of the populations saying no to smoking in public places, the need for alternatives to smoking continued to grow until news of smokeless cigarettes came along to fill a need.

The water-vapor dispelled from these new cigarettes is not harmful and doesn’t contain the tar, and carcinogens that make regular cigarettes so unhealthy. Thus, the news for these new and improved smokers delights has been received quite nicely.

No longer does a driver need to air-freshen the car before picking up passengers on the way to work. No longer does the 10:15 smoke break leave an employee reeking of cigarette smoke throughout the day. No longer does the running enthusiast have to cough throughout their morning jog, and no longer do mom and dad have to hide their smoking habit from the kids.

An alternative to regular cigarettes was inevitable, as people across the country continue to smoke despite the warnings, (even on the label) that smoking can be hazardous to one’s health. With hundreds of people addicted to regular cigarettes, the news that a new and improved form or smoking is causing quite the stir. Smokers still receive their desired rush of nicotine, while those around them aren’t affected in nearly the same manner.

And that’s good news for all of us!


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