Renting Green

Looking for an apartment with both an ocean view and an environmental conscience? Good for you. Luckily for you, more and more Oceanside property management companies feature “green listings” of rental homes and apartments, many of which sit right on the beach. You’ll find them in all sizes and all price ranges, too. Renting an earth-friendly ocean-side apartment is just one way you can do your part to help save the planet.

Of course, creating a green living apartment complex at the seashore should be planned before the developer breaks ground. Still, even older apartment buildings can be refurbished with eco-friendly changes. Simply switching out the plumbing in a building to low flow toilets and water saving faucets can be a big plus for the environment. Adding insulation to older apartment building walls and ceilings can lower utility bills, saving on carbon emissions, and these are just a few ideas.

Of course, some responsibility for keeping the apartments earth friendly falls on the renters and landlords. Recycling programs on site to help cut down on litter that goes to fill up landfills is only going to work if the tenets bother to use it. Also, landlords who switch out regular light bulbs with those that have longer lives help cut down on pollution. And don’t forget to keep that sliding glass door open and let the ocean breeze do some of your air conditioning for you. It saves money and cuts down on waste.

The seashore is an environmentally complex and challenged area. If you are concerned about the effect of people living in this delicately balanced eco-system, be sure to check with your local property management company for a listing of green apartments and rental homes. Choosing to rent green will provide you with a place to live that makes things better for both you and for the planet we all call home.


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