Global Transition to Clean Energy

This video addresses how the clean energy revolution is taking hold across the world. One product they discuss is an electric scooter that can be fully powered by solar.

Rooftop urban farm in Chicago

Imagine a 75,000 square foot greenhouse on the top of a building in a cold city like Chicago!

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Are Plastic Roads Realistic

Is the concept of roads made of plastic realistic? It seems like a cool idea as we could have a new way of creating roads while also recycling tons of plastic waste.

Well, this concept was introduced last July to much fanfare, but we haven’t seen any articles about it since.

We’ll see . . .

How food waste contributes to climate change


Humans waste more than 1.4 billion tons of food annually. That’s a stunning number.

A new study explains how all of this ridiculous waste contributes to climate change.

We should be focusing being more efficient about using surplus food, not just to feed the hungry, but to cut down on the unnecessary production of food.

Does Your Car Smell Funny?


Like many people, you spend a lot of time in your car getting from place A to B and have gotten used to the smell of your car or truck. Often it takes a friend to comment that “something smells bad in your car” before you know that something’s wrong. Well, it’s not a welcome thing to hear but at least there’s a solution – a good thorough cleaning and sanitizing. Besides, as Don Vance Chrysler points out, if you are thinking of trading soon, a clean car will bring you more money in trade. Here’s a step by step guide to help you make your car smell just like new again.

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