Oil shock in reverse


For years the issues has been out of control oil prices to the upside. Domestically that’s been a huge issue as energy independence became a rallying cry as the United States and other Western economies were at the mercy of OPEC and high oil prices.

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Paris Climate Deal Offers Hope


In an historic development, 195 nations agreed to a framework to reduce carbon emissions and hopefully reduce the warming of the planet. It was a huge win for Barack Obama and others around the world who worked for years to bring this agreement about. Republicans are trashing the agreement, but this progress on climate change may be one of Obama’s most significant accomplishments.

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July 2015 is the warmest month on record

Every time we get a cool day or a lot of snow, it seems like some genius has to chirp about global warming.

Well, not you have an interesting, but potentially very problematic, fact to throw back at them . . .

Using Wasted Energy


When you are an automotive engineer and you are designing a vehicle for maximum fuel efficiency, you use all the energy sources you can find. That’s why design engineers of hybrid vehicles tap the energy that gets wasted when a hybrids brakes are applied. Instead of converting the motion of the vehicle into wasted heat via the brake pads as ordinary cars do, hybrid vehicles have a small generator on each axle that converts the car’s kinetic energy into electricity. This electric power is then fed to the vehicle batteries.

In any internal combustion-powered vehicle, another source of wasted energy is the movement of the exhaust gases that exit the tailpipe. Using these strong gases to power automotive sub-systems isn’t a new concept as superchargers have been doing it for years. The way it works is the exhaust gases are used to spin a turbine that, in turn, drives fresh air into the vehicle’s engine. This allows more air-fuel mixture to be exploded in the cylinders which produces more engine power.

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Denmark’s Bold Plan to Eliminate Fossil Fuels


While many countries, including the United States, have been talking about reducing their dependency on fossil fuels for a long time, Denmark has set the goal -and a date- for actually doing it. According to Denmark.dk, the official website of Denmark, the Scandinavian nation has announced the most comprehensive renewable energy goal on Earth. Denmark plans to stop using all fossil fuels (oil, gas or coal-based) for transportation and general energy production by the year 2050.

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